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sally official website is back

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 14:50
by Simone
Hi there,

Sally´s official website is back again and I think it´s clearer than the old one. I like it..

It´s still not ready yet, so watch that space...

Our official Fan- Page will stay online as well.

Alo-ha and Namaste

Simone and Patricia

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 17:39
by Hergest
Hi Simone and Patricia,

Thanks for posting that your fan site will remain available. It is a very useful resource.

My initial reaction to the official site is that it is clear and simple, with some fairly light content. This is a good start. I'd hope to see more news and possibly a link to this forum as the official site progresses.

Thank you for stepping in when the earlier version of the official site was closed, for sharing your concert reviews and for the photos.



Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2005 16:18
by Simone
Hi Hergest,

we promise the website will remain available . Now I can put more things on it again ..especially more pictures and other things. I also would like to have a guestbook, and also an exchanging area....but please be patient as all things need time a little bit :wink:

Sally said she wanted her new site simpler, so it´s more clear. that site is still growing, so please be patient about also please :wink:

Alo-ha (as Sally loves to say)

and Namaste ( my--Simone-- favorite greeting)

Simone and Patricia