A message from Sally !!

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A message from Sally !!

Post by Simone » Wed May 17, 2006 20:00

Hi friends of Sally´s music.. we got this exciting message from Sally today and she requested us to set it in this forum and Fan-site..

So if you want to comment please send a message for Sally to siglemary@onlinehome.de and we will forward.

Simone and Patricia :wink:


Hi everyone,

This is Sally and I just wanted to thank you for all the messages I received on my website over the past few months and to offer my sincere apologies for not replying to many of them.

I have been going through some difficult times and sometimes so ill that the only thing I was able to do was deep meditation!

BUT, whenever there are dark periods in life, there is always, eventually, a new beginning and new insights to share at the end of the tunnel.

This is now a very special new begining for me, where I realised that I wanted to be much more involved in Healing and Self-Development in a direct way, although linking this to music wherever possible.

As you know,I have always been deeply spiritually inspired and this new energy came to me in such a direct and powerful way, I am still trying to find a new form in which to express it.

The first thing I want to do is to let you know about an exciting new phase of my web-site which will be on-line in the next 7-10 days.

1. I am, first of all, releasing an EP.
The CD will include 2 short multi-media tracks, called "Reflections of My life" featuring video clips from the begining of my career with my brother Mike up to the present day; all viewable on PC.

2. There will be Hypnotherapy and Guided Visualisation CD's with my own specially composed music and -----also--

3. I have had an interesting idea to offer people ON-LINE PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS about any personal problem they may have, in my capacity as qualified Hypnotherapist, Healer, Nutritionist and Counsellor.

There will also be opportunities for TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS.

I would love to know if people would be interested in this and if so, what are the MAIN PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES that you are facing in your life.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and comments.


music is healing

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Post by mdj » Sun May 21, 2006 18:55

I am very excited about the news of the new EP with early clips. I will be looking forward for that one for sure!

Regarding the consultations, I wish her all the best with it, but I for one will not become a customer myself. To me, the figure "Sally" is an artist, not a therapist. If she wants a career shift, good luck to her, in the meantime, I can just listen to some of her albums. - or watch the multimedia part of the new EP. :-)
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Post by Hergest » Thu May 25, 2006 10:57

I'm sorry to hear that Sally has been ill. I wish her a speedy recovery and that she has better health in the future.

As a proud owner of the private collection EP, I'll be very keen to get a copy of the new EP when released. The warm and feel of the Private collection EP is really special - it captures a raw, sparkling feeling. Also having heard the guided meditation on the last album, I would be very interested to discover more about the guided mediations / hypnotherapy CD's. I guess it would be horses for courses, and depend on the area of focus if I felt they were of interest.

Like MDJ I mainly regard Sally as an artist. But an artist is also a person with a life and development and progression. I hope that Sally's life is fulfilling and blessed with good health. The music is a wonderful bonus.

lets see what happens next.
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