Singing My Life EP

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Singing My Life EP

Post by Hergest » Tue Jun 20, 2006 14:58

Well my copy arrived last Saturday and it is very good. The video clips are interesting. I don't know, but some of the clips in the compilation look as if they were from the tour that produced the "In concert" album.

There's a difference in running order of the audio tracks. The Official site lists the EP tracks as

1. Tiger
2. Night Theme
3. My Damsel Heart
4. Mandala - new recording

where as my EP liner notes reflect the running order on my EP

1. Tiger
2. Mandala Chill Out
3. My Damsel Heart
4. Night Theme

It's a very good EP. Hope you all enjoy it too.
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Post by Simone » Tue Jun 20, 2006 15:45

WOW, thankyou Hergest to send me over the "Tiger" track as an MP3. As you know I still have to wait alittle bit for the EP, but Sally said I would get it this week. Can´t wait....

The song "Tiger" is a really powerful song and I LOVE IT !!! I could imagine the Tiger creeping through the forest of the Melaten Friedhof. my friend Patricia and I use to visit this Friedhof everytime when we are in Cologne visiting some friends as it is really a wonderful place.

I can tell that Sally got alot of power back from this area.


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