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Welcome to my forums. You are welcome to read the posts, but if you want to post yourself, you need to know a few things.

To join, simply register the usual way, but note that I have to approve your registration before you can post. Unless I am away on vacation, I will usually approve new users within 24 hours.

There is no way I can verify the age of people joining, but even though these are not forums directed at minors, I will do what I can to keep the content "suitable". If you have any questions about my administration policies please feel free to contact me (http://www.mdjnet.dk/mailme.html).

I reserve the right to delete posts and exclude users, as I see fit.

I will not tolerate offensive language or posts that are in any way illegal.

This is supposed to be a serious forum, where people can find and share information about the various subjects, and I will do my best to keep it that way.

Please note, that when editing your profile, please do fill out the "Location" and "Signature", to at least some extent, as this can help me filter out "robot" users from actual users. If you don't fill these out satisfactorily, I may just assume you're a bad guy and delete you. If you try to join, and I just delete your user account, please feel free to contact me (http://www.mdjnet.dk/mailme.html) for an explanation why. Members who only join to promote a web site, whatever is on that site, will be deleted immediately.

Also, do not join, until you have something you wish to post. Guests are allowed to read all posts, so there is no need to join, if you don't need to post anything. Users who hasn't posted anything within some period after joining may be deleted.

When joining, you will be requested to enter a VIP code, which is "catfish" (without the quotes).

The reason for all these "rules" is to keep the user base "clean", mostly to protect the users themselves. YOU are welcome, if you want to join the discussion, bots, spammers and the like are not.

It is possible to send private messages to other users through this forum. I will not tolerate any abuse of this feature, so please let me know of any complaints about other users sending unwanted messages or otherwise harassing you.

Have fun!
Morten Due Jørgensen

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