Sally and Eurhythmics

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Sally and Eurhythmics

Post by Klingsor » Wed Sep 22, 2004 21:35

No, I don't want to talk about pop music. There is a way of dancing that is named 'Eurhythmie' in German. It is inspired by the antroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.
It has the goal of bringing the cosmic self of human beeings into harmony with the body by movements and good rythms - which is the word by word translation of Eurhythmie.
Does some of you have experience with it?

When I attended Sally's performance I had similiar impression of fluxus, of harmony and making peace between heaven and earth. I know that Sally is busy with Reiki, but did she take up anthroposophical studies as well?

As a third aspect I'd like to add my personal martial arts experience. When you watch good fighters you can see that there's a fluxus of energy between them, even before they act, even when they don't act at all. In Aikido - my sport - it isn't harmfull but is perceived as an energy of healing. The KiNoMishi school completely focussed on this aspect. But it's different to the energy Sally spreads, more earthbound.
But of course I learned something about the sword way when I watched Sally. There is a master inside of her.

I would like to confront Sally with breath and sword exercises, to learn about her approach. Maybe, hopefully, she might benefit from it as well.

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