Mirrors, is not a simple song.

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Mirrors, is not a simple song.

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Hello. I have registered do few minutes, am my first post and I want to initiate with a personal commentary, about the Mirrors song.
I have been Mexican, alive in Chile, at South America for 8 years and I am Voice Over in a FM Radio.
Pardon me by my badly English.

There is music, there is songs, there is voices that when we listened to them, we know immediately that they come from deepest from the Cosmos. Each one of us can handle its own concept of the Sky and Hell and put a face to its personal God.
But when the voice of Sally Oldfield is listened to, one begins to include/understand what means to be touched by the vibration of an angel, of which is not of this world.

There was one first time that I listened to Mirrors, in a station of A.M. in the México City. That Radio touched only songs that very were not known and that was what it attracted to me of XENK- 6.20 (therefore that Radio is called and I believe that still it exists).

Much later, when knowing which would be my wife, Mirrors arrived again at my life and when listening to it did not have it the absolute idea of which it said the letter, but the voice of Sally Oldfield remembered of strange way the voice to me of Rocío (my wife for 15 years) and aspects of its personality. There were colors, sparkles, sensations, aromas, scents, ideas that danced in my spiritual being when it listened to it and although it did not include/understand the language, I I perfectly understood the deep thing of the message.

Very well that it can seem that this does not have sense. It is truth, it does not have for those who think that the songs single serve to listen to them and nothing else.
But there is very special beings who have dedicated themselves to express by means of their musical creations, allegories, good new, experiences and Wisdom.
They say them in songs, so that the rest of the mortals we pruned to appreciate that although sciences can demonstrate that does not exist a God, they to us have come nevertheless, to show a spiritual possibility to us that it are expressed, pronounces with music and voices very privileged.

Mirrors, then, nons a simple song. If they allow to say it me this way, is a Hymn. Dedicated to the Love said in a simple and very deep form. Without speeches sensationalists nor ambiguities. Direct and clear. A Hymn that I am safe, evolved beings will have to conserve like a true treasure.
He would be possible to remember that the evolved beings, do not consume any thing that offers and this one to them, is much more that a song of Hit Parade.
My voice, is like a bird that stretches its wings and wants to fly. And when flying I want to be floating and saying to others, the beautiful thing that encounter in the routes of my sky.

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